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January 2017 Newsletter

Alumni Spotlight – Caroline Meyer


Forest Lake has always valued “legacies” and has even welcomed a number of third generation campers. Caroline Meyer was a second generation legacy when she began her camp career in 1995 along with her sister Lily-Anne.

Caroline’s father, Joe Meyer, was a camper in the 50’s and 60’s as was her uncle, Bill Meyer. Summer camp must be part of the Meyer family DNA because both of Caroline’s aunts on the Meyer side were career campers at a neighboring girl’s camp, Pine Log, located in Lake Luzerne, NY. Caroline and Lily-Anne’s cousins, Liz and Danielle Meyer (Bill’s daughters) were also career campers at FLC. Caroline and Lily- Anne further distinguished themselves by being FLC’s first-ever campers from Hong Kong.
Caroline attended FLC as a camper for the maximum eligible number of years, won the prestigious “Spirit
of FLC” award, and went on to become a staff member. Not long after, Caroline was appointed as Head Counselor of the girl’s camp – a testamet to her competence and her passion for FLC.

Following her graduation with a BA in anthropology from Barnard College (NYC), Caroline went international again and received her MA in communication from Bond University in Australia. In the meantime and after “roaming the world”, Caroline has undertaken a variety of jobs including fundraising, teaching English, and freelance writing. She is currently involved in a job search and is considering teaching full time. During her leisure time, Caroline does foster work with dogs – often bringing them into her own home.

Among Caroline’s favorite FLC memories are attending FLC with her cousins – Danielle and Liz Meyer, meeting Louis Thivierge – her life’s partner, participating in Sally Holloway’s dance shows and being given a “solo” performance, and witnessing her former campers from Cabin 4 become staff members. Caroline realized that her years at FLC came full circle when she had become head counselor and, sitting in the girl’s office, received a phone call from her very first cabin counselor, Jen Burke. Oddly, another of Caroline’s favorite camp memories was performing cabin cleaning with her campers, Ryan Difalco and Mairelena Octavio and her cabin mate Sadie Ball – cabin cleaning generally not high on staff member’s list of favorites.

Thanks to social media (Facebook), Caroline mentioned that she stays in touch with many campers and staff members from her days at FLC and, despite the intervening years, she always feels a certain closeness with people she met at camp.



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