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February 2014 Newsletter

Alum, Paul Oyer Shares His Recently Published book and Reflections on Camp

Paul OyerWhen I was a few months shy of turning 8 years old, my parents put me on a bus at Port Authority in Manhattan headed to FLC. Ollie Van Cise was the head counselor in the junior camp, where I spent three summers. Overall, I was a camper for ten summers and a counselor for five. I still rank captaining the Blues to victory and my plaques for winning tennis and ping-pong tournaments among my greatest achievements. But that was all a LONG time ago now (I don’t look much like the freckled kid in this picture from one of my first years at FLC) — John and Kelly didn’t even start dating until my sixth or seventh summer. And I have to confess that some FLC habits don’t stick. I never make my bed anymore!

Paul Oyer and Dan MurphyI have kept in touch with a few FLC people over the years. But I have lost touch with countless others, especially since I’ve been teaching at Stanford for a long time now. So I was glad to have an unplanned chance to reconnect recently. I published a book earlier this year (a “pop economics” book that is meant to teach people economics in a relatively entertaining manner) and was very fortunate to be interviewed by Robert Siegel on NPR’s All Things Considered. One of the best parts of this was all the email I got from old friends, including those at FLC. I heard from Dan Murphy (that’s him with the beard), Steve Nieradka (who is not far from camp these days), Andy Epstein (poetry? Take it from me, FLC campers — if you want to be a professor, economics is a lot easier road than poetry!), and others. It would be great to hear from anyone else out there from the days of boys only, Hagar, Momo, and the battles with Camp Timlo!

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