A Note from Chef Peter

Chef Peter here and I am getting very excited for camp!

I will be leaving the Florida Keys soon to head up north and arrive camp in early May to start getting ready for the summer. Our first wedding is Memorial Day weekend and we will have three more before staff and campers arrive.  As someone who spent 7 years as a camper I know how important good and healthy food is for the kids at camp. Couple that with my 20+ years of restaurant experience and I hope to deliver just that every single day.

I really look forward to creating delicious and plentiful meals every day with fresh soups, an enhanced salad bar at every meal, and specially made options for our campers and staff with food allergies and preferences. Diet and nutrition are essential to the health and happiness of our campers and we are committed to serving fresh fruits, vegetables and breads at every meal.  We are looking to source all of our food locally whenever possible and I have already been working with our suppliers. I have spent the past several weeks preparing for camp with new and creative menus designed to ‘wow’ the campers. Of course we will be bringing back all of the long time favorite meals but will also be introducing some mouth-watering dishes the kids will be sure to love.

Food is a passion of mine and we have an incredible group of chefs in the kitchen this year ready to go. If any parents have concerns, questions, or suggestions please feel free to email me [email protected]. I would love to hear from you!

Here’s to the best summer ever!

Chef Peter