A job that will change lives while changing yours

boys-boatDear Alumni and Friends of Forest Lake Camp,

Forest Lake is full of iconic people who have left their legacy at camp, through their loyalty to tradition, to teach, and devotion to creating memories of fun and laughter for campers.  One of our favorite parts of being a part of a camp family is hearing the names that come up of past FLCer’s who left their mark in some positive form at camp.  Camp people come and go, but their impact lives on through stories and memories shared through future summers.

Two people who’s impact will live on are long time FLCer’s Louis Thivierge and Caroline Meyer.  Both Louis and Caroline have devoted countless hours to FLC and their impact will not
Caroline Meyer be forgotten.  Most recently, Louis and Caroline have acted as Head Counselors in both respective camps.   Sadly, Caroline and Louis’s lives are taking them beyond the hills of FLC. Camp won’t be the same without them, and we are grateful for all they have given and wish them both well as they head out to discover new opportunities.

Caroline is known as our camp Avitar, with abilities that exceed the average mortal.  Her attention to detail, her attention to camper’s safety and happiness and her love of FLC will be
felt for years to come.  Additionally, Caroline has offered incredible mentoring to her staff over her 3 years as Girls’ Head Counselor.  Caroline’s beautiful voice will forever be heard in the echoes of “Homeward Bound” at Candlelight Campfire and in the Girls’ Mess Hall at Banquet.Caroline will be missed but certainly won’t be forgotten.

To many at FLC, Louis is known to be a master at just about everything camp offers.  If it is done at camp, Louis can do it and do it well.  From the climbing wall to fencing, Ninja tricks, horseback riding and kayaking, Louis is a master counselor. Those at camp in 2012 will remember Louis doing an impressive running mount onto a horse at the Horse Show and an equally impressive back flip off of the tree at Campfire in 2013.  Louis has raised the bar for staff acrobatics at camp and there is no doubt that his impact will be long lasting.

As we prepare to say our goodbyes to Louis and Caroline as FLC head counselors, we must begin our search for new head counselors for the summer of 2014.  Both boy’s and girl’s camp will be actively seeking dedicated teachers, devoted caregivers and committed leaders to work alongside current head counselors in the summers ahead, to lead an eager group of campers and dedicated staff of counselors.  We look to our alumni to offer suggestions of strong applicants.  If you are interested in learning more about this position for yourself or for someone else, please contact Lilly Devlin at [email protected].  We thank you in advance for sharing our head counselor openings with other interested candidates.

Additionally, you can apply for other FLC staff position by filling out our online application: http://www.forestlakecamp.com/contact/workingatflc.aspx

We are grateful for our alumni support and all you do for FLC.  We could not do it without you!


Lilly and Gene Devlin