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January 2018 Newsletter

A Devlin Farewell

We first met Gene on a cold snowy December day in 2010 as he was on his way to celebrate the holidays with his family in New York. It did not take long to be sold on Gene’s character, passion for learning and authenticity. Within a week he had joined the Forest Lake community as a Director. Fourteen months later across a table at Starbucks in Connecticut following a camp open house, we were struck similarly by Lilly’s genuineness and caring and the era of Devlin leadership was joined.

Over the following summers, Gene and Lilly instilled the kind of humanity, passion and love for Forest Lake that enabled thousands of childhood summer memories for hundreds of campers. They literally lived and breathed FLC in their home, with their boys and of course on camp. Among so many great achievements, Gene & Lilly returned Forest Lake’s tradition of a strong wilderness program, rebuilt the LIT program, grew enrollment, helped start family camp, and, perhaps most importantly, approached every individual they met at camp; alums, campers, family campers and guests alike, with a welcoming spirit, a warm smile and an open heart. There are not enough leaders in the world who’s conduct is based on unwavering values and respect for everyone and who take this approach every day both personally and professionally.

Forest Lake Camp is strong and vibrant today thanks in large part to their efforts. We are excited to see how they bring all of this to their next adventure and know they will have great success on the next part of their journey. We will miss their presence at FLC and we are poised for continued growth and success because of that leadership. We know that their friendship, along with their love and support for FLC will remain. We wish both Gene and Lilly the very best in their future journey and look forward to always welcoming them back to visit us all at FLC.

For those who would like to reach out to Gene and Lilly and express their appreciation of their dedication to FLC the past 7+ years you can reach then at [email protected] and [email protected]

With Fond Memories of Summer Days,

Geoff & Tobin