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Meet Some of our New 2017 LITS


We are thrilled to introduce the first of our 2017 Leaders in Training. We are so proud of this group of young leaders. They have already showed an incredible amount of perseverance, courage and leadership through the application process. We are encouraged by all they will bring to our community this summer. Please join us in congratulating them and welcoming them to the 2017 LIT Team! 

5b5a7098Olivia has been calling FLC her summer home for the past 6 summers.  Olivia embodies FLC spirit and is always seen around camp with a smile to share and often with her ukulele under her arm.  Olivia feels that FLC encourages you to better know yourself and a lot of that has to do with trying new things for the first time.  Olivia looks forward to sharing all she loves about FLC as an LIT this summer.  From basketball to softball and street hockey, to music and ultimate frisbee, Olivia is versatile in her love of all activities and cannot wait to spread that enthusiasm in activity periods to new and old campers alike this summer.  Olivia is approachable and fun and genuine with all people and helps FLC be the best place it can be.  We cannot wait for all the positive energy you will share this summer Olivia.

5b5a7093Anna has been coming to FLC for the past 6 summers as a camper.  She has anticipated her summer as an LIT for many years and cannot wait to support campers and staff this summer to have a positive and uplifting summer.  FLC has encouraged Anna to try new things and push her limits and she is excited for others to experience the same.  Anna is hoping to play a lot of soccer this summer, both for herself as well as coaching younger campers and looks forward to playing more ultimate frisbee as well, a sport she learned as a camper at FLC.  Anna has a gentle spirit and makes all people feel welcomed.  She feels that being at FLC is about accepting one another and sharing smiles all around! We look forward to all the smiles you will share this summer Anna.

5b5a7109Ines has been coming to FLC for 5 summers.  When she first arrived to camp as a young girl, she barley spoke English as French is her native language.  Each summer Ines has returned, her English has improved and her spirit and love of FLC has blossomed and become infectious amongst the other campers and staff.  Ines possess a helpful and thoughtful attitude, always looking for a chance to lend a hand to others.  Ines looks forward to helping with riding this summer, tennis and climbing, a sport she first learned at camp.  Ines loves to make others laugh and her gentle smile and caring ways have been such a strong component to Girls‘ Camp.  We look forward to all you will bring to FLC this summer as an LIT.

5b5a7103Lily has been a camper at FLC for 6 summers. Lily is dependable and hard working and so passionate about FLC.  One of Lily’s goals as an LIT this summer is to help maintain camps natural beauty. She feels personally obligated to care about camp’s physical landscape and hopes to impart this commitment on other campers.  Lily is thoughtful and always eager to share a supportive smile accompanied with encouraging words.  Lily is excited to help in many areas of camp this summer, especially field hockey, lacrosse and climbing.  Lily is a talented dancer as well and we hope she lends a hand with our young dancers from time to time. We are so fortunate to have Lily apart of FLC’s LIT team.  Your positive spirit and giving heart impact so many Lily.

5b5a7084Maddie is an FLC “lifer”!  She has been a camper at FLC for 6 summers and it is definitely her home away from home.  Maddie carries an immense love for FLC and shows this through her constant enthusiasm and energy.  Maddie longs to pass this passion and enthusiasm on to other campers and looks forward to sharing the many skills and lessons she has learned over her time as a camper.  Maddie is excited to help with soccer this summer and hopes to not only impart skills but also the deep value of sportsmanship.  Maddie also hopes to spend time at the climbing wall as she feels it teaches perseverance and boosts self confidence.  Maddie is all smiles when she is at camp and feels strongly that a good attitude and positive energy are important parts of helping Girls‘ Camp be a fun and safe environment.  We are grateful you are joining the LIT team Maddie!

5b5a7095Allie has been coming to FLC for 6 summers and learned about FLC from her father who was once a staff member! Allie contributes so many qualities to FLC’s 2017 LIT team! Among her many strengths, she is dedicated, passionate and values the opportunity to work as a team.  Allie values strong team work and a positive attitude that she hopes others will grow from.  Camp is a place where Allie feels most comfortable in being herself, a feeling she carries with her the whole year through.  Allie hopes to encourage others to feel the same.  Allie is empathetic and supportive of others and is eager to be a positive role model for all other campers and staff.  Allie looks forward to helping out at the riding stables this summer and looks forward to devoting more time out in the wilderness through hiking and camping.  Allie, your  commitment to giving your best and your desire to impart a love and appreciation for camp make you a wonderful addition to FLC’s LIT team.

5b5a7385Andrew, otherwise known as Mazza, has been a strong force in Boy’s Camp since he first arrived 6 summers ago.  Andrew carries a deep love for FLC and imparts this passion in all areas of camp life; from cheering in the Mess Hall to giving his all in sporting events and Color War competitions, Andrew always gives his best.  Andrew has also been a strong advocate of fishing and wilderness outings over the summers and has been an influence in getting boys out into the wilderness.  Never a canoe trip or multi-day hiking trip that Andrew was not first to sign up for and we are thrilled for him to impart that love and enthusiasm for the outdoors this summer as an LIT.  Andrew is a constant source of energy and support to both campers and staff and his commitment to being his best will help Boys’ Camp be an awesome place to be this summer.  We cannot wait to see you arrive to camp on June 23rd Andrew!

5b5a7376Luke has been a long time FLCer, making this summer his 7th consecutive summer at camp.  Luke brings perseverance, dedication and love each summer to FLC.  His perseverance is seen through leading on the Blue Team in Color War events, hiking high peaks in the ADK’s and giving his all on the ball field or in an ultimate tournament.  Luke’s dedication is seen through his desire to apply himself to all things while at camp, always making the absolute most of his time and encouraging others to do the same.  Highlights for Luke have been his time spent in the wilderness as FLC has taught him a deeper appreciation for time spent in the outdoors.  Being a camper at FLC has taught Luke to be more independent but also the value of relying on others and working together as a team.  Luke strives to be the best role model he can be and values this part of the LIT experience.  Luke is a natural leader and his easy going and genuine ways will make him a natural leader in Boys’ Camp this summer.  Luke, your positive nature and team spirit will help make the summer the absolute best!

….and this is just the beginning! There are a few more LIT applicants coming around the corner. Stay tuned to hear more about our growing team of young leaders for summer 2017.