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November 2016 Newsletter

2016 Soccer Clinic at FLC


This summer Forest Lake Camp brought in an elite collegiate soccer coach to run a 2- day soccer clinic during FLC’s 2nd session. Geoff Wheeler, Head Coach of the Cardinal’s soccer program at Wesleyan University ran an unbelievable soccer clinic for both our Girls’ Camp and Boys’ Camp this past summer. Geoff has been the head coach at Wesleyan University for 18 seasons. During the course of his tenure he has led the Cardinals to a number of NESCAC playoffs and championship games. Before arriving to Wesleyan, Wheeler, held the rank of adjunct professor of physical education, spent two years as a Stanford University assistant coach in 1997 and 1998 and also had coaching stints at his alma mater, Dartmouth, as well as Middlesex School in Concord, Mass. It was a great privilege to have our campers experience this level of coaching in summer 2016,  which they no doubt enjoyed immensely. We look forward to welcoming Geoff back in summer 2017 to host another soccer clinic at Forest Lake Camp. Below, please read both counselor and campers’ reflections of their experience playing soccer at FLC and their time working with coach Wheeler. 

dsc_0686-xlI love coaching soccer at camp! One of the main reasons I enjoy coaching so much is the campers. They are so eager to learn and always give their absolute all, even on super hot days and even on the odd rainy days we have. For me, the biggest thing I value as a coach is a camper’s attitude and work ethic during activity periods. I would much prefer to have the chance to coach a camper who may not be the most skilled soccer player but who tries their absolute best  than possibly the most skilled soccer player who doesn’t put much effort in. However, at FLC I have found that we are lucky enough to have the best of both! We have some very skilled soccer players at camp, but also ones who always try their best, are respectful to their coaches and will always help one another to try and improve their soccer game.

dsc_0041-xlThis summer I was lucky enough to spend 2-days working with Geoff Wheeler who delivered what we described as a soccer clinic, but in reality was more like a soccer masterclass! Geoff is a phenomenal coach and it is easy to see just why he has been so successful over the years coaching all of his respected teams. Next Summer at FLC I will certainly try to incorporate some of the things that I saw during my time with Geoff ; such as his training drills/ games and the way he interacted with the campers and with his fellow coaches to enhance further our soccer program at FLC! – Dan Graham (FLC Boys’ Soccer Coach)

Playing soccer with a former pro soccer player like Geoff Wheeler was an absolute dream. I learned a lot and improved greatly over the summer. Tournaments were always fun especially when we led our team to the victory!! – Dylan Matamala (Boys’ Camp) 

After spending a week at soccer camp before coming to FLC I was so excited to hear that a top college coach would be doing a clinic.  Coach Wheels made it so much fun and I hope next year he comes for even longer!–  Emma Black (Girls’ Camp)

Soccer is my favorite sport and I always sign up for it at camp when it is offered. The 2 days with Coach Wheeler were amazing as I got to play most of each day. I was excited to get back to my school team and play this fall. I can’t wait for him to come back next summer!Annecy Blanck (Girls’ Camp)

Our girls had an incredible time in all of the soccer periods this summer, but especially in their clinics with Geoff Wheeler. He was an enthusiastic and kind teacher and taught many of the girls skills they had never even seen before! The soccer clinics filled up every day and the girls always asked me when we were going to have another soccer period.  As soccer was a such a huge blessing in my life for a very long time, it has been great to watch kids such as Ava Gizzie, Emma Blanck, and Kenzie Kelly grow to love and appreciate the sport as much as I do! I definitely hope FLC can continue to have these awesome learning experiences for the girls (and the boys!) in the future! – Meghan Cullen (FLC Girls’ Soccer Coach)