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December 2015 Newsletter

2016 Leaders in Training (LIT)

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 8.59.12 AMForest Lake Camp has had the great fortune to be guided by strong leadership within its 16 year old ranks.  Over the years, the LIT (Leaders in Training) program has welcomed spirited and motivated young leaders who have had a great impact on FLC’s camp culture.  FLC’s LITs work closely with the entire camp community, putting leadership to action and actively engaging in all aspects of camp life. LIT’s work closely with staff in a supporting role, both in the cabin with junior campers and in daily activities.  LIT’s develop a strong sense of camaraderie and team work through a number of hands-on activities and engage in community service projects outside of camp to spread the FLC spirit in the greater community.

We have just completed the application and interview process for our 2016 LIT team.  We have been incredibly impressed by each applicant’s commitment to FLC and their desire to want to give back to the camp community.  When asked to respond on why these young leaders wanted to be a part of the LIT program and what they hoped to gain from and contribute to; reflections of maturity, wisdom, honesty and inspiration were shared. We were so impressed with their responses we wanted to share them with our community.
“I believe that I am mature, compassionate and responsible enough to make a positive impact at FLC.  I always try to put others before myself and to make sure that everyone feels included and cared for.  Ultimately, my goal is to grow as an individual, a leader and a friend.”  

“I have a huge heart willing to give love to everyone who needs it.”

“I feel as though making others feel welcome will allow them to open up and feel comfortable.  When there is a sense of comfort in a group of people, I find that it is much easier to be productive.  All it takes is one person to open up and make you feel welcome somewhere and you can do anything. Being an LIT requires a lot of interaction with people of different ages, nationalities and backgrounds.  I look forward to learning more about everyone and becoming more experienced with camper interactions.”

I believe that as an LIT I can give back all the love and passion I have received over the years I have been a camper.  The spirit of FLC follows me wherever I go.  Forest Lake has taught me many things over the years, love, friendship and team work, but one of the most important things it has taught me is diversity.”

traditional-summer-camp-ny“I find it kind of rewarding and in a sense beautiful when people help each other out.  I love to see smiles on peoples faces when I help them with the smallest things.  When I make people smile, I smile.  Working with the junior campers will help make Girls’ Camp have a closer bond and in turn grow more relationships that will last a lifetime.”

“Watching past LIT’s do their job shows me that being a leader also incorporates being a role model and the younger kids truly look up to you.  I believe a leader helps and supports and is equal to everyone involved.”

We are incredibly grateful that FLC continues to share in the growth and development of  amazing individuals.  Daily, we witness courage, compassion, hard work, laughter and surprise.  There is no doubt in our minds that our 2016 LIT team will continue the lasting legacy of supporting FLC campers to achieve their best and to grow as individuals and as a team in the process.