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Benefits of a Traditional Summer Camp in the Adirondacks

Not sure whether to send your kids to summer camp this year? A new study finds there are many good reasons to do so, and the benefits are long lasting once the campers get home.

Studies show that returning campers and children that stayed at camp for longer durations tended to experience greater positive change than first-time campers. Older children tended to show the greatest changes in attitudes and behaviors, while female campers exhibited greater levels of social integration and citizenship than boys.

So why send your child to a traditional summer camp in the Adirondacks? Well, for starters, summer camp has endless benefits.  Kids learn how to be independent, they experience new things, they make long lasting friendships, and have a lifetime of camp memories. Traditional summer camp is the best kind of camp and the traditional way of camp is what a camp experience should be like; camp fires, swimming, hiking, making tons of new friendships, etc. At Forest Lake Camp we guarantee your son or daughter will have an experience of a life time!

All campers are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and try new things! Camp is a place where all children should feel welcomed and comfortable, even when they are facing their fears and trying new things! Summer vacation isn’t supposed to be spent inside! Its supposed to be a nice break for kids to get outside, explore the outdoors, hang out with their friends, and get out of their parents hair! Forest Lake Camp ensures a safe and fun environment for your child!

Please, if you are still concerned and unsure, contact and come visit Forest Lake Camp today! We need to grow our camp family, and we know your children will be the perfect addition(s)! Sign up for the best traditional summer camp in the Adirondacks today!