A special thank you to those that attended the Confer Pavilion Dedication in August. It truly was a gift to welcome back so many alumni. As a community we were thrilled to have the opportunity to honor the Confer family and to celebrate the grand opening of our new pavilion. Below are a few quotes from attending alumni about their time at the event:

“I just wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful weekend. From the campfire to the dedication ceremony, it was a weekend of memories, old and new.”

“The whole event really captured the feelings and love I have towards FLC.”

“The Dedication Ceremony gave us comfort seeing in the staffs’ eyes the same love and commitment to the care and traditions that makes FLC the wonderful “Home” it is today. Thank you! ”

A letter of thanks from Gary Confer:

Gary conferDear Friends of Forest Lake,
I was very pleased to see so many of you in attendance at the opening of the new pavilion at Forest Lake. It was a wonderful event, a magnificent facility, and an indication that FLC is in such capable hands with such a promising future.

Although it is the Confer family that has its name attached to the building and was graciously honored at the event, we (the Confers) recognize that whatever success we enjoyed would not have been possible without that core staff who breathed life into the camp and the program. All three generations were fortunate to have had an assortment of capable staff, department heads, head counselors and ancillary staff whom we trusted and respected and who returned year after year to carry forth the essential camp experience. We hope that you, too, felt honored and recognized for your contributions.

I would like to thank the Blancks, the Kellys, and the Devlins for honoring our family, for adding a spectacular and useful facility, and for their commitment to the continuance of the camp that is much loved by us all.

All the best,
Gary Confer

The Confer Pavilion was built in honor of the Confer Family who founded and led FLC for 82 consecutive years. The Confer Pavilion is a covered but open-air pavilion, which serves as a dynamic “indoor” facility which houses a multi-purpose court for basketball, volleyball, and other sports, as well as a stage on one side for special performances.