FLC Recognizes Effort and Camper Achievement


Recognizing individual accomplishments is a critical part of Forest Lake Camp. At FLC we are very proud of our unique way to do this, and the everlasting impact it has on our campers experience. As part of the Forest Lake Camp program and in staying true to our values and principles, we acknowledge our camper achievement through what we call, Recognition Sticks.

Recognition Sticks are carved walking sticks that have been wood burned. By completing a session at Forest Lake Camp, a camper will receive a Recognition Stick with their name, “FLC”, the year they began attending and a ‘notch’ for completing their first summer, all engraved in the stick.

In addition, each stick will be painted with a band of color to represent the Color Wars team that the camper is on. Beyond these standard engraved items, each Recognition Stick is individualized with additional notches for each year attended and burned images to reflect the camper’s individual accomplishments over their years at FLC.

Activities where campers have had a significant achievement are wood burned with pictures of that activity such as an archery target with an arrow, a climber with rope and a cliff, or a canoer paddling in water, as well as many, many more. Campers also have special images on their sticks for particular camp-wide awards such as a star for camper of the week, a quadrant of sports for most athletic, a flaming torch for Spirit of FLC, and a flag painted with the correct color for Color War captains. Recognition sticks are cherished treasures that often elicit tears of joy at our awards ceremonies each Summer. Campers return every year with their Recognition Sticks so that new accomplishments and awards will continue to show their accomplishments, and their entire FLC experience will be documented for years to come.

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