Horseback Riding at FLC Girls Camp

horseback riding

Horseback riding has been a popular optional activity since 1926 with over 50% of the campers opting in and many more joining as the weeks go by.

The camp maintains its own riding facilities including stables, arenas and miles upon miles of wilderness, allowing campers to ride within the secure confines of Forest Lake Camp property. Riders have the option of two or four lessons per week. Each riding lesson is scheduled for one hour.

Horseback Riding Safety is of Upmost Importance

Horseback riders are assessed and put into groups of no more than 7 depending on their ability and experience. We then select groups within that based on age, friendships and what they want to get out of their riding experience. Some campers want to only go on trail rides and play games on horseback, others really want to concentrate and advance their riding skills, many want a little of both, whatever the camper wants, we will do our best to safely accommodate their wishes.horsebackriding

A Range of Camp Horses

We have a range of horses at camp, from the steady beginners horses to the more advanced jumping horses, and many are also western trained if this is something the camper wants to try. We have a local rodeo rider run a one day Western Clinic during both sessions which is extremely popular. The campers get a chance to ride western style and learn to barrel race among other things. Chances to play polocrosse and have a try at jousting are just a few examples of things our riders may experience. During the final week all the riders have a chance to perform in the horse show in front of their fellow campers with many ribbons to be won.

Stable management and horse healthcare are incorporated into the equestrian program. For those wanting to experience more in this area we allow campers to come down to stables to help take care of the horses and learn proper horse care. Bathing horses on a hot summers day can be a fun and welcome cooling off!

Experienced Instructors

Horse riding can seem intimidating to some, and our instructors are experienced with helping nervous riders or riders who have for some reason lost their confidence, you are welcome to discuss this with us or if the camper would like a trial ride once at camp this can be arranged.

Please contact Forest Lake Camp if you have any questions about the riding program and we hope to see you at the stables!


Overnight Riding Adventure

Each Summer our riding staff, in partnership with our wilderness staff, invite qualified campers who participate in the riding program, to pack out their food and gear for the night, traveling by horse to one of our designated outpost sites and enjoy stories around the fire, dinner under the stars and slumber by the light of the moon.

14875169_10153957746191272_257972664_nThis exciting adventure offers campers a unique experience to travel to their overnight site by horseback, allowing campers the opportunity to look after their very own horse from feeding it, putting it to bed and tacking it up the next morning for the ride back to camp before another great day of camp activities.

So get excited to saddle up and take to the trails to experience a true adventure.  It is simply all in a days experience at Forest Lake Camp! Join us!



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