FLC Covid-19 Operations Plan FAQs

On Thursday May 28th we held a Town Hall discussing our current plans for operation. We had several questions from parents, many of which were asked by more than one. We decided to compile a list of FAQs based from our Town Hall meeting. To read our Operations Plan, or if you have any other questions please visit our COVID-19 Updates page, or get in touch with us at [email protected]



Coronavirus Operations


What will you do if a camper tests positive for Covid on arrival?

If a child tests positive on either the at-home test or the test upon arrival then they will not be able to enter camp and will be required to stay/return home. 

What will you do if a camper has any Covid symptoms during a session?

If a camper shows possible symptoms for Covid-19 during camp they will be immediately isolated and cared for by our medical staff as we wait for test results or otherwise explain the symptoms. 

Until a negative test is returned or the symptoms are otherwise explained we would also isolate the cabin while keeping them separate from everything including meal times and following the directions of our medical staff in conjunction with advice from the local health network. We would also handle all of the potentially infected person’s belongings. We would do this while of course trying not to cause alarm so would make it “fun” for the other campers in the cabin until we knew with testing what the possible extent of the issue was.

What will you do if a camper tests positive for Covid during a session?

If a camper tests positive for Covid during camp then the camper will remain isolated and the camp’s CDP (Communicable Disease Plan) will kick in. We have enhanced our plan for the current environment.

The first steps would be to continue to isolate the individual, interview for contact tracing and begin to communicate and isolate those with whom they were in close contact. The person diagnosed would be isolated in a designated area (infirmary) where only health personnel wearing full PPE would have access.

In most cases we would expect that a camper testing positive would be asked to be picked up by a parent or guardian within 48 hours of a positive diagnosis pending recommendations from local health personnel

Will we have to come pick up our kids if there is COVID on camp?

If someone shows symptoms of Covid we would first consult our medical board and immediately begin tracing, testing and isolation where necessary. We have isolation spaces with separate kitchen and bathrooms. The departure of the infected patient and/or others will depend upon the advice of the medical board, local health authorities and the individual’s parents but in most cases we would expect that a camper testing positive would be asked to be picked up by a parent or guardian within 48 hours of a positive diagnosis.

If a camper has previously tested positive for the antibodies, are they able to skip the testing protocols that other campers have to go through?

No – until we know for sure that someone who has had the Coronavirus can not contract it a second time we will require even those with antibodies to comply with the same testing (and the same rules while on camp).

What type of screening will you do at camp?

On arrival each camper will provide a swab for the COVID-19 Test and will be screened for symptoms of illness along with receiving the standard health check and intake of meds. 

Each cabin will be screened 2 times per week for possible symptoms, including temperature checks. This is in addition to the daily check-in that every camper will receive from their counselor. Any child demonstrating an unexplained fever of over 100.4 will be isolated in the infirmary and the camp CDP will kick-in.

How are you going to implement the CDC guidelines on Social Distancing during camp?

We have written our FLC Operations Manual with the goal to meet or exceed the best practices from the CDC and ACA. We will make amendments to our dining hall, cabins and activity periods according to those plans. Social Distancing will occur between the cohorts (boys and girls camp) and the cohorts will always remain socially distant. In addition, staff who work in between cohorts will be required to adhere to social distancing and mask wearing when distancing can not be achieved. Inside of a camper’s cohorts prolonged contact (designated by the CDC as closer than 6 feet for more than 15 minutes) will be actively discouraged.

Have you considered a single entry date rather than allowing new camper arrivals after 2 weeks? How will you handle the entry of new campers?

We have considered a single entry date. We do however believe we can successfully introduce new campers in for the second session by following the same double negative test procedure as the first session intake. A camper will ONLY join the general camp population if they have tested negative for Covid-19 on BOTH tests.

Will campers have to wear masks?

Campers will not be required to wear masks as they will be isolated within their small cohort groups and will only be exposed to campers and staff who have previously tested negative for Covid-19.

Will staff have to wear masks?

Staff who are working across cohorts will be required to wear masks if they are unable to maintain a safe social distance with campers from other cohorts. Staff who are required to leave camp and are exposed to other people outside our camp bubble will be required to wear masks and socially distance until they have either returned a negative swab or completed an isolation period.

Can my camper extend?

Campers can only extend if there is room in their cabin and they are 2 weekers looking to extend for the rest of the summer. Camper extensions can be discussed with Caroline, please send her an email at [email protected]

Can my camper leave early?

Especially in this year, we are not allowing campers to come or go other than on our designated arrival and departure days. For individual circumstances, please reach out to Caroline. 

How do you know you are getting reliable information from parents about whether or not they have been practicing distancing/isolation before coming to camp?

We have and continue to trust our parents with the information they give us prior to camp. Not only in the matter of keeping the distancing/isolation before coming to camp but also the information they give regarding their children. We know they believe in the welfare and safety of not only their children but all FLC campers, and we trust will practice the correct distancing and isolation. Additionally, our double negative test requirement will ensure a safe and COVID free camp upon arrival. 

Will you be accepting medical forms from last year if we are having trouble getting an appointment?

We require a medical form from within the last 12 months. If your child is considered higher risk children please consult your doctor to discuss if camp is appropriate this year. If your doctor is not able to book or approve a more recent medical form, we must have a written explanation from the doctor.

Will camp feel normal?

We are doing everything in our power to make summer 2020 one of the most memorable and enjoyable summers possible for our campers. We know some days and events are definitely out of the ordinary but they give us the opportunity to utilize our property and camping experiences in ways that have never been done before.

What activities are going to be removed or changed?

As of now all activities that happen outside of our camp property or require outside assistance (Waterskiing, Pottery, off camp wilderness outings for example) will not take place this summer. We do intend on adding several activities options that will take place on camp. All activities on camp will be modified to meet or exceed the best practices from the ACA.

Will you be providing transportation to and from camp?

No, unfortunately there will be no group transportation to/from camp this year. If you have special circumstances that need to be discussed please email Caroline.

Will the nurse have sufficient PPE?

Yes we will ensure that our infirmary is fully stocked with the required PPE including masks, gloves and gowns. 

Will parents be required to be local-ish to be able to pick up a child if they test positive?

No, but in most cases we would expect that a camper testing positive would be asked to be picked up by a parent or guardian within 48 hours of a positive diagnosis pending recommendations from local health personnel.

Will you alert all camp parents if there is a positive test at camp of a camper or counselor?

While we will maintain all HIPAA guidelines around privacy we will inform any parent who has had a camper who was potentially exposed to a camper who tested positive. 

How accurate are the tests that will be conducted prior to camp and on arrival?

The test that will be done prior to arrival is a lab sourced PCR test and it is 99.99% accurate.  This is the type of test that is used to measure the accuracy of other tests. The Rapid Response test that will be conducted upon arrival is estimated to be 92% accurate. Importantly it is 100% accurate in identifying Covid-19 meaning there will be no false positives.

Last year the kids cleaned their bathrooms, if there are to be increased disinfection with chemicals who will be doing the cleaning?

Taking responsibility for cabin clean up is an important part of the FLC experience as it teaches responsibility and teamwork. The normal cleaning process will be expected of our campers and inspection will be held every day. We will NOT have campers perform the deep cleans that will be required or handle any chemicals that are not child friendly.