The Story of Forest Lake Camp


FLC for Boys Begins

Forest Lake Camp for Boys opened in 1926, the year after Harold T. Confer, Athletic Director at Freeport High School on Long Island, bought the first 200 acres around Forest Lake. He saw that the land, lake and mountains would be an ideal setting for young people to spend the summer.

At that time, the property included a farm house and a historic inn that used to be on the stagecoach route from Chestertown, New York to Saratoga Springs, New York. While the camp has grown and modernized in many ways over the years, the original farmhouse and old inn are still here.

In 1954 Harold’s son Philip took over, and he and his wife Sally ran the summer camp for the next 32 years.Their son Gary took up the reins in 1986. During Phil’s tenure, the summer camp bought an additional 200 acres on the other side of Forest Lake, completely protecting the shoreline from development. It also proved further space for hiking trails, overnight camping trips, and other outdoor activities.

Girls Camp Arrives

1990 was a historic year for FLC, as it was the inaugural year of Forest Lake Camp for Girls. Alumni could now send their daughters to Forest Lake Camp to experience the same life-expanding opportunities they had enjoyed in their youth. Now, years later, it’s hard to imagine a time before Forest Lake Camp for Girls!

Forest Lake Camp operates as a “brother-sister” camp, differing from a true coed camp in that each camp has its own own distinct programs, activities, campuses, and living areas.

Forest Lake Camp is owned by the Blanck and Kelly families. Geoff Blanck was a second generation camper in the 1970’s and 1980’s along with his brother Rob. Their father, Bob, was an FLC camper, CIT and counselor in the 50’s and 60’s. Geoff’s two daughters are now the third generation of his family to attend FLC.

Tobin Kelly was a long time camper himself at Camp Tohkomeupog in NH as well as a counselor, Head Counselor and Alumni Director. Tobin’s daughter also now attends Forest Lake Camp.