Forest Lake Camp Testimonials

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For many years Forest Lake Camp has been enriching the lives of children and providing experiences that last a lifetime.

Once you send your child to FLC you become part of our family. Here you will find just a handful of unsolicited testimonials that we have received from parents and campers alike.

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Raferty Family

“My daughter felt safe to try new things and, as a result, developed more self-confidence during her summer” – 1st Year FLC Parent 

“FLC is the total package. I know my kids are receiving a complete and well rounded camp experience. No complaints at all! Staff goes above and beyond for every camper and parent. I rated them 5 in all categories because this has been our experience thus far. They are true to their word & our kids want to return each and every year.” – Veteran FLC Parent

“Axel loved that there were so many choices of activities to choose from each day. He also liked to help out as a waiter at the meal times.” – 1st Year FLC Parent 

“Great experience, you exceed our expectations!! Our camper is quite happy and plans to return for many years to come.” – Veteran FLC Parent 

“Our expectations for Annie were fully met. The counselors were central to her experience, and she loved meeting girls from all over the Davis Familyworld. She felt safe to try new things and, as a result, developed more self-confidence during the summer. She called FLC magical. We agree.” – 1st Year FLC Parent 

“Warm and welcoming staff. Absolutely beautiful setting. We were looking for a camp where my child would meet new friends and try new things and our expectations were exceeded. She can’t stop singing the camp songs and wants to go back next summer for 7 week! The recognition sticks were amazing and she loves showing them off. She is excited about earning more notches each year she returns – all the way to LIT and counselor.” – 1st Year FLC Parent

“My daughters said it was the best camp ever and nothing can beat it. This was their first sleepaway camp experience. For me as a parent, the Director and Assistant Director are what made me chose FLC. Welcoming, warm and very responsive. My kids will be returning next year.” – 1st Year FLC ParentFLC Family

“I love FLC! I went my first year without any friends from home and came back the next six years! I’ve made fantastic friends, created lifetime memories, and found a home for myself! The staff, food, activities, traditions, environment, and campers are fantastic — there’s no better place to spend your summer!” – Veteran FLC Camper 

“This camp is so amazing. It was my first summer and I loved it everybody was so nice and I had the best summer of my life. The food is great and you really connect with the counselors and they help you out with anything.” – 1st Year FLC Camper

“I went to FLC for the first time last summer. I had a complete BLAST. I get homesick but the counselors are really good at handling it. I miss it so much!” -1st Year FLC Camper

 “I went to FLC last summer and it is my favorite place in the entire world. I made so many friends and the counselors are so much fun. Every day I got the opportunity to try something new. I can’t wait to return next summer!” – 1st Year FLC Camper

Oren Family
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